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Omelet in a Bag

Quart size Freezer Resealable Bags
Large Eggs
Other Fixin’s
Large Pot of Boiling Water (large enough to hold bags easily)

Write the name of each person, in permanent marker, on his or her own quart size freezer resealable bag.

Into each bag break 2 eggs (no more than 2 eggs to a bag), and mix them up with your hands by squeezing the bag.

To the eggs, let each person put in their favorite ingredients.  For example:  ham, cheese, mushrooms, peppers, olives, scallions, etc.  Mix all the ingredients together with the eggs so they are well incorporated.

Press the air out of the bag and seal.

Place bags into the boiling water, and allow to boil for 13 minutes.  Remove bags from water, open and let the omelet roll out onto the plate!

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