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Breakfast Burritos

½ cup chopped red bell pepper
4 scallions, chopped (white and green parts)
2 tablespoons butter
8 eggs
¼ cup milk
½ teaspoon cumin
Salt & Pepper to taste
½ pound bulk sausage (pork, Italian, Chorizo), cooked and drained
1 cup shredded cheese (Jack, Cheddar, Swiss)
10” Flour Tortillas

1. Beat together eggs and milk.
2. Over medium heat, sauté bell pepper and scallions in butter for 5 minutes, add egg mixture, cumin and salt & pepper.  Stir eggs to break into curds (scrambling).
3. When not quite finished cooking, stir in sausage and cheese and remove from heat.
4. Warm tortillas wrapped in a damp towel in the microwave for 45 seconds, careful these could be very hot.
5. Spoon egg mixture onto a tortilla, roll up Burrito style, and wrap with aluminum foil (if not grilling, wrap in plastic wrap).
6. Cool and place in refrigerator.
7. To heat, place aluminum foil wrapped burrito on medium grill for 10 – 20 minutes, turning frequently.
8. Serve with Salsa, sour cream or anything else you desire.

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