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Ever since first meeting Sylvia, some twenty years ago, I recognized her as the classic over-achiever.  This is not to be judgmental, good or bad, but it is undeniable that whatever she undertakes is with great passion.

Sylvia has always had an interest in food and its preparation.  Both, simple, comfort food and the more elegant creations that test her ability.  Most of what she does can be recreated in any kitchen by any cook using readily available ingredients.

In 2001, Sylvia decided to put a formal education on her resume and received an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts from Blackhawk Technical College, graduating in 2004 with High Honors.  In 2002, she performed her externship at Commander’s Palace in New Orleans.  Commander’s Palace has been voted the number one restaurant in the United States on many occasions.

Sylvia loves to participate in food contests.  On one occasion, she won the Old Bay Spice “Peel and Eat Shrimp” Classic (Midwest Division).  This contest consists of a race to see how many shrimp you can peel and eat in 10 minutes.  Another more mainstream cooking contest was the William’s Great American Cook-Off.  A national event in which she garnered Grand Prize for her Sausage and Egg Pizza (which you can find here:

Sylvia hosts a monthly live cooking show on WIFR-Channel 23, the local CBS affiliate.  Sylvia, along with Weathercaster Aaron Wilson, spend two hours together in the kitchen preparing creative and easy dishes.  Sylvia also teaches an occasional class for the University of Illinois Extension Service and Master Bloger Program.

All this is to emphasize her love and passion for cooking delicious and inventive meals in a way that is easy and fun.

She has worked for almost three years compiling these original and unique recipes.  I hope you enjoy these selections as they are full of her love and effort.

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